forever sitting on something invisible


forever sitting on something invisible





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Name: ina
Age: 14
Gender: female


Food: curry, tofu
Drink: water, coffee
Book: too many; i read so much and i’m very fickle so
Favorite Author: idk dianna wynne jones, laini taylor, or gail carriger??
Song: when the day met the night (panic! at the disco), you give love a bad name (bon jovi), light me up (birdy)
Movie: don’t have one
TV Show: game of thrones
Video Game: harvest moon, ace attorney
Comic: does the kuroshitsuji manga count?
Band/group and/or 
Solo Artist: florence + the machine, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, marina and the diamonds, imagine dragons
Place: my room
School Subject: english
Sport: badminton


Best Friends: i’ve got a lot
Significant Other: nope
Siblings: younger bro

Dream Job: idk i wanna follow my passions. and money is one of my passions. (yeap stole that one)
Tattoos: none
Piercings: ears
Languages: english, tagalog, bisaya, a little bit of japanese


Reason Behind URL: it was originally angelanotangie but i forgot the email i used for that one sweats; it’s bc angela hates being nicknamed angie
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Why You Joined: i felt like rping harvest moon and i’m aware that there aren’t much indie rp blogs (cough none at all) so why not right? i mean i miss group rping sooo
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Forte nodded, quietly agreeing with the sentiment. 

She blinked a few times, her mouth hanging open a bit. Forte hadn’t expected such a turn in the conversation, and she had only just recently found out what prom even was. She shook her head gently, leaning in closer. “No. Do you?” She asked, her voice low in order to match the other’s.

Good to know that she wasn’t the only one without a date. The newfound knowledge gave her guilty relief. The blonde girl was very pretty, but then again, she supposed that most boys would probably be too intimidated to ask a girl who could probably lift more than they could. "No," she replied, lips shaping into a grin after the short statement. "I don’t really mind. If I did, well, I guess I could just ask someone." Lie. She would probably pass out before the first word escaped her lips. ”But I don’t really have anyone in mind, you know?”


Though he wanted to comment further upon the subject having to do with the reason as to why he approached her, Hiro couldn’t help but get a bit sidetracked. That name…That honorific. No one had used it with his name, aside from some teasing in his Japanese class. Granted, Minori called him “senpai”, but…still. It was new. Fresh.

…He actually quite enjoyed the name. It made his cheeks turn a slight pink due to slight surprise and eagerness. “I do not mind being called Hamasaki-kun, actually. That is…if you are alright with me calling you Kirkland-chan.” Near the end of his sentence, he seemed to have adopted a cheerful, almost playful tone, shaking her hand at the same time. 

"Ah…anyhow," he said, starting to get back on topic. "Yes, it seems as though you have caught my eye indeed. I was simply unsure of the dress code applied to the…erm, e-event, so…I thought that, perhaps, we would be able to find out. T-to solve both of our troubles." 

A soft laugh bubbled out of her lips. Kirkland-chan sounded strange—of course, it was an English surname paired with a Japanese honorific—but she didn’t mind. It was nice at the same time. She couldn’t help but view the matching names as a sign of their friendship. "Of course it’s fine. I like it. It sounds kind of cute, actually." She finally dropped his hand. “Nice to meet you, then, Hamasaki-kun,” she said, forgetting that she had already said something similar.

She was tempted to raise her brow at the way he said event instead of prom, the slight stutter that accompanied the first letter. But she let it slide. "Yeah. All I know is that the theme’s Arabian Nights." She shrugged. "I want to know if I can wear something like Princess Jasmine’s outfit, since dresses make me feel a bit… weird. But I suppose there is a reason why girls shop for prom dresses rather than prom outfits.”

"How about you? What are you confused about?" she asked, tilting her head in accompaniment. "Maybe I can help." She paused for a moment, wondering if she was asking too many questions already. But she was too curious to restrain herself. "Do you have a date?" Perhaps that was the reason behind the nervousness that she sensed. She knew that if she had a date, she would want to look decent for them, too. And she would be trembling the day before the dance. And probably faint, for good measure.


Looking over to the tense girl, Gill folded his arms over his chest, a look of perplexment on his face. Why did she seem so nervous? Had someone been spreading rumors about him? But he ignored it as mere shyness answering her question, “Yes, I take AP Current World History, but if you don’t mind me asking - Did someone in particular advise you about asking me or did you see the tutoring flyers that the Academics club posted around the school?”

A hand instinctively went to cover his mouth as he nodded listening to her request. “These things happen, luckily there’s still time in the semester to make it up. Don’t beat yourself up for it.” Hearing her compliment he felt his ears get red and looked away again, unsure how to accept her kind words. “Ah, well It’s nice to know you think so…” The blonde coughed and regained composure with an even more serious look on his face, “So, what area in particular are you struggling with the most?”

"I wasn’t told about you in particular. But I’ve heard about you." Delicately lifting her shoulders in an almost imperceptible shrug, the brunette continued, "And I saw the flyers as well." How could she not? She made it a point to skim every campus bulletin board that she passed. "It was kind of a… thoughtless decision, you could say. I was just going by the library on the way to my dorm when I remembered that you were probably inside and I just went with it before I could change my mind."

Relief expressed itself in a bright smile. For a moment there, she’d been afraid that he would call her stupid. It was good to know that he wasn’t that type of person. "To be honest, I just find the whole thing boring. Except the stuff related to agriculture." And sometimes, law, even though she got enough of that at home.






Unlike the young woman, Hiro was not able to fully process the identity or level of familiarity that she had been able to get across. He had noticed that she was in his class—soccer, yes? Even so, he had not been able to recall her name. He felt a bit embarrassed about it, even though he was not sure that she knew his name.

His mind, however, switched back to the conversation. At her expression, Hiro relaxed a bit, but also became a bit apprehensive for some reason. The event made him nervous for a cause he did not know.

"I-I’m not sure that interested is the word for it…ah, well, perhaps just a bit," he said, putting a hand over his shoulder. "Oh, where are my manners? Before I continue…I am Hamasaki, Hiro." He bowed. "It is an honor to meet you, Miss…?"

“Ah. Well, you did approach me in the middle of the hallway. That means that what I was muttering caught your attention, yes?” A raised eyebrow. “I’m kind of curious.”

Hiro Hamasaki? That was a Japanese surname, and the following gesture was one usually applied by people from Japan, was it not? “Nice to meet you, Hamasaki-kun…right?” Japanese 1 and 2 had taught her that this was how Japanese people referred to each other. But since they weren’t in Japan, maybe the same rules did not apply? “Or should I just call you Hiro?” She didn’t mind either way.

It took her a few moments to realize that he was waiting for her introduction. "R-Right," she mumbled, embarrassed at how she had just spaced out. "My name is Angela. Angela Kirkland." Her fingers twitched, and she wondered if it was still proper to extend her hand for a handshake. He had bowed already, hadn’t he? But she did so anyway.


Forte shrugged, putting a hand on the side of her neck. She was never one for bragging about her own abilities, and she wasn’t normally all that great at taking compliments either. 

She nodded a few times. “Yeah. I guess it’s supposed to be relaxing, but I find the best way to start the morning is by getting the blood pumping.” Forte paused for a moment before gently waving her hands in front of her. “But you should do whatever you want to!”

"I can’t see how contorting your own body into Goddess-knows-what shapes is supposed to be relaxing." The only thing that the image brought to mind was body pain. "But you’re right. I suppose people do find it enjoyable." A shrug. "So each to his own, right?"

She leaned closer, voice dropped in what could almost be taken as a conspiratorial whisper. "Do you have a date for prom?" she asked curiously. The brunette herself hadn’t been asked. Both a relief and a disappointment. If she were asked, she’d probably take such a long time to answer due to a sudden bout of stuttering that the offer would be withdrawn. Still, it would have been nice.